Downtown Burlingame, California


Next door to Hillsborough is the charming town of Burlingame, and the Two shopping districts that serve Hillsborough and surrounding towns.

Burlingame Avenue, and surrounding streets are the heart of downtown Burlingame. Beginning at El Camino Real and ending at the historic Train Depot, Burlingame Ave is four blocks  of upscale, unique,   trendy, and esoteric shops. Also on Burlingame Ave are eating establishments of every kind,  from casual to haute gourmet,  French, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Anything you can imagine. On the side streets of Primrose, Park, and Lorton, are more Restaurants, Boutiques, Art Galleries and hair Salons, plus many businesses, banks, and on the corner of Howard and El Camino, a huge new Safeway that is itself, a destination. Creating a village atmosphere are the many historic buildings of all styles, plus a scattering  of ultra contemporary buildings that grace the tree lined streets. From many neighborhoods in Hillsborough, one can take a leisurely  stroll to “the Ave”  Treasured traditions among Hillsborough and Burlingame residents alike are breakfast and brunch at stacks or Alanas, lunch at Copenhagen or the Crepevine, meeting friends at Starbucks and Peets, dinner and margaritas at Holas, exotic food and drinks at Staits, hamburgers and beer at the Steelhead Brewing  Company. These establishments are just some of the many Burlingame institutions that never seem to change, that have their loyal customers, and “regular” who keep coming year after year. Downtown Burlingame is also the perfect place to just simply hang out, enjoy the leisurely pace, friendly people and watch  the world pass by. In contrast, on nearby California Ave is some serious night life with several clubs, dancing and drinking establishments, that at time times can get a bit raucous.

Additional attractions of Downtown Burlingame is a Sunday farmers’ Market and numerous street fairs.

Broadway, the other business district that serves Hillsborough offers all the conveniences and services anyone could need. Resembling an old time shopping district, there are hardwood stores, barber shops,  a health food store, several beauty Salons, as well as restaurants and cafes that cater to the “locals”. Broadway is the quintessential American shopping district, little changed from 20’s and thirties. Broadway has it’s own habitués that hang out at ……….Irish Pub, The Broadway bar and Grill with it live music.

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